Update for update’s sake!

Posted by Jordan on November 6th, 2009

Long time since I have made a blog entry. Lately I’ve been using Twitter and Facebook mostly for my online socializing. Simply, things are going fine. Dragon Age came out and is really fun and so is gaming in general. Krav Maga is challenging and rewarding, I go to training almost every night. Work is under control. House is also under control, finally! The Girl is good, cats are crazy, and good too. Skateboarding is in the back for now. Studio is fine, unfortunately I am currently replacing a speaker at the moment which at least is under warranty, yeah for that. Well there you go, updated!

Back from PAX…eh…Seattle

Posted by Jordan on September 8th, 2009


Well we are back from PAX/Seattle. The show was pretty cool and I can see how for many gamers it could very well be the ultimate convention. You’ve got all flavors of gaming and geek culture including music and art all under one roof, I overheard more than once that it is kind of the woodstock for gamers. For Jeanne and myself, I think we are just a little “conventioned” out. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very cool show and there was a ton to do for gamers of all types. It is just that after GenCon and E3 already this year, plus all the shows of years gone past I had a little bit of the been there done that effect. To combat this we spent more time exploring Seattle and the countryside which in a lot of ways was much more memorable and rewarding for us both than the actual PAX show.

As for the show, no surprise it is mostly about games, with a slant on the kind done with electricity. For me Diablo III, Dragon Age, Borderlands, Rock Band Beatles and StarCraft II were the games that caught my eye and I had a good time checking out. There were others but those are the ones that stuck out the most to me. The Rock Band Network where individual users and independent groups can track and upload songs for purchase in the online RB store was very interesting. They use Reaper as a base DAW and through MIDI edit notation they implement the charting along with their custom templates and plugin. I think it has a real chance of catching on but there are definitely some “ifs” and variables out there to just how successful it will really become.


The fun highlight conference for me was hanging out at the The Guild panel with Jeff Lewis (Vork), Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo) and Producer Kim Evey. The played through the complete second season and then had a Q&A afterward. It was pretty damn silly and well worth my time. There were some other panels as well that were interesting, a couple examples being the Rock Band Network and a panel on Tabletop gaming and Game design. There were plenty of others as well but it was hard to fit them all in so we just got to the ones we could and didn’t worry too much about the ones we missed.


Interestingly enough I think the highlight of the trip was the afternoon on Saturday that Jeanne and I headed out to Rattlesnake Ridge trail in the Snoqualmie area east of Seattle. This was very much not PAX. It was a couple miles up and a good workout but the view was quite spectacular and well worth the hike. We had the clouds and mist rolling in and varying levels of sun, it made for some really awesome imagery. We sat at the top for a while and soaked it all in before heading back down, which was a lot easier than coming up! If you are ever in the Seattle area and have an afternoon free I highly recommend this excursion, it was really worth it.


I hadn’t been back to Seattle since I think around ’91 but it was pretty much as I remembered except the downtown area seemed a bit “nicer” and more well kept. Most of our Seattle experience revolved around eating, big surprise, huh? Overall, we had a good fill of some pretty awesome food. The night we arrived on Thursday we trekked out to Ray’s Boat House for a really nice romantic dinner which was quite good. Salmon was the star but the views were nice too. On Friday we ate a huge lunch down at the Market which included clams, mussels, prawns, crab, and some really good fish and chips, oh and of course don’t forget the chowder. Friday night we met some friends for some really good Chinese Hot Pot at Seven Stars Pepper in the International District, dare I say even a bit better than Lao Sze Chuan! Lowell’s at the market did us a great breakfast on Sat morning to get us set up for our hiking. And finally we couldn’t leave Seattle without some sushi so we hit up a 100 year old home style sushi place called Maneki. It was very good and the home made Gyoza was really special. The sushi was top rate but Mr Katsu your sushi is still the best!


Overall we had a really good trip and interestingly enough the things not even at PAX ended up being the the stars for us. And a special thanks for Jeanne for setting up the hike, well worth it and very memorable.


There are a lot more pictures over in the Gallery section plus I uploaded a bunch of them to my Facebook account as well.

PAX 09

Posted by Jordan on September 3rd, 2009


Going to PAX/Seattle for a few days with Jeanne. We both plan on geeking out at PAX and exploring Seattle which I haven’t been to in many years. Eating a ton of seafood while we are there is definitely on the agenda as well. Oh and I think we will play a game or two along the way! If I get in the mood or have time I’ll blog some pics but it might just be easier to upload them to my Twitter or Facebook accounts. Maybe I’ll try the the new iPhone Facebook app’s video upload feature, see how that puppy works. Alright, time to pack up and get ready!

Gen Con Indy 2009!

Posted by Jordan on August 11th, 2009


It is time once again to trek down to Indianapolis for some serious geeky good times! We’ve been going to Gen Con for the last few years and I have to admit I find myself totally looking forward to it well in advance. I had actually been to Gen Con a couple times way long ago as a little kid, back around ’79 and once again around ’82, this was back when it was actually held in Lake Geneva, WI. I found a few pictures the other day of the trip in ’79 or was it ’80? Either way I’ll see if I can scan them in, but now that I think about it they are pretty embarrassing, so maybe not. Either way I’ll try and get some footage of this trip because there is usually a lot of cosplay and general silliness happening as I’m sure you can imagine!

This year the girl and I decided we are going to road trip for the first time instead of flying and even though the flight is a piece of cake I am looking forward to the cruise down there. Relax, detox from “real” life, listen to some tunes and chit chat all things geeky with the wife, sounds like a killer way to get in the mood for Gen Con to me!

Another thing that is cool about Gen Con is like in the past years we plan on meeting up with our friends down there and their gaming crew as well. This inevitably involves eating tons of good food, geeking out about gaming and even a bit of the go out here and there. Oh and if you are in to the whole rpg game thing make sure to check out their site over at Epic Words. Good stuff.

I’ll try and update some as it goes but we’ll see. Oh and for the record, no Jeanne is not dressing up like a succubus, assassin or a silly elf lady, and further for the record neither will I, well at least not on the show floor, I mean Jeanne isn’t I mean, oh never mind! Now time to focus on getting through the day and then let the geeky goodness begin!


Game night + B-Day = Jeanne gaming party!

Posted by Jordan on July 22nd, 2009

Haha, this year Jeanne’s birthday fell on our usual game group night so we all got together and had a little Jeanne D&D party. As usual it was too much good food (thanks superdawg! plus surprise cake), lots of silliness, lots of monster killing and even some suspense, oh and two bad cats. There are a few pictures over in the gallery section here.

Anni.09.2 Anguilla-Home

Posted by Jordan on July 19th, 2009

Well we are back from quite an amazing trip. Amazing beaches, private and secluded, great food, super friendly people and a really great laid back scene. Those are just a few of the characteristics I’d give Anguilla, and there are many more, all positive. I’ve uploaded a few pics to the Gallery here. I might uploaded a few more later as well. Anguilla is one of the few places I’ve ever been that I think truly demands a return trip.

Anni.09.1 Anguilla

Posted by Jordan on July 12th, 2009

Well, we are in Anguilla, a small secluded island near St. Martin, which is on the NE end of the Virgin islands, British side. It’s pretty much a living postcard. We’ve been hanging at the beach, eating some great food (seafood mostly, of course), and enjoying the very laid back island groove. The night time walks and star gazing is pretty awesome as well.
We have a great room right on the beach. I will try and post more but we’ll see, it’s very easy to not bother. 😉


Posted by Jordan on July 7th, 2009

Jeanne and I have our 7th year wedding anniversary quickly approaching.
Now I know Jeanne has some kind of super double top-secret travel plans all set up, and why do I have the feeling I am the only one I know who doesn’t know what’s up? I was thinking maybe I’d try and do a bit of blogging as this all unfolds but as always we’ll see how it goes. Now where are we headed? My guess for today is; warm, tropical, and somewhere I need a passport for… hmmm … so many options, and they all sound pretty killer! We leave on Thurs, and I can’t wait to get away with you Mrs. Trais. You know though, your gonna have to tell me at the airport if you want me to come with!

Pixelpipe test

Posted by Jordan on June 24th, 2009

Testing a way to get media from my iphone to the world, video in particular. An app called Pixelpipe will let you do this but it is not ideal for my purposes. Not sure if I am going to use it yet or not… more testing is needed.

Site works

Posted by Jordan on June 15th, 2009

A little more CSS workings, a bunch of new pictures for the Gallery, a new custom header and added the Last.fm and Pandora widgets. Basically just playing around. And no, the Depeche Mode station in Pandora is not mine! 🙂

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